Getting Started with Merge Cube

(Merge Cube SDK v1.1.4 for Unity 5.x - Unity 2017.1)

(v1.1.4 is the last version of SDK update that support Unity 5.x - Unity 2017.1)

Thank you for your interest in the Merge Cube SDK. Here are a few things to go over before you get started developing these exciting new experiences.



  1. Merge Cube Development Kit
  2. An iOS or Android device
  3. A mobile AR viewer such as the Merge VR/AR Goggles, or another Google Cardboard compatible mobile AR viewer
  4. A computer or laptop


  1. Merge Cube SDK
  2. Vuforia SDK for Unity
  3. Unity
  4. Windows or Mac
  5. XCode (Mac only)

Getting the Vuforia SDK

  1. Register a Vuforia account at
  2. Once you are logged in, navigate to the “Develop” tab and create a new License Key
  3. Copy this license key for use in the upcoming steps
  4. Navigate to the Downloads tab and download the Vuforia SDK for Unity
    *Note* Vuforia version 6.2.6 or higher is required

Getting the Merge Cube SDK

  1. Download our SDK below
    The minimal version of Unity supported is 5.6.2, contact Merge for older versions of Unity.
    See what's new in SDK 1.1.4 ReleaseNote.
    By downloading the Merge Cube SDK, you are stating that you have read and agree to our License Agreement.

Setting up Android or iOS

To get started in Unity with Android, see this page

To get started in Unity with iOS, see this page

Setting up a scene with Merge Cube

  1. Open Unity
  2. Create a new project
  3. Under File>Build Settings, change the build platform to Android or iOS
  4. Under File>Build Settings>Player Settings>Resolution and Presentation, set the Default Orientations to Auto Rotation and Allowed Orientations to Portrait only (not Portrait Upside Down)
  5. Under Player Settings >Other Settings, disable Auto Graphics API
  6. If you are developing on iOS, scroll down and remove Metal from the Graphics APIs menu like the image shown below
  7. If you are developing on Android, scroll down and remove Vulkan from the Graphics APIs menu like the image shown below
  8. Import the Vuforia SDK
  9. If you are prompted to update the API, select I Made a Backup, Go Ahead! to continue
  10. Import the Merge Cube SDK
  11. Delete the MainCamera object from your scene
  12. Navigate to the Vuforia>Prefabs folder and drag an ARCamera prefab into your scene
  13. Navigate to the MergeCubeSDK>Prefabs folder and drag a MergeMultiTarget prefab into your scene
  14. Navigate to the MergeCubeSDK>Prefabs folder and drag the MergeCubeSDK into your scene
  15. Select the ARCamera object in the scene and select Open Vuforia Configuration from the inspector window
  16. In the Configuration File that opens, paste your Vuforia License Key into the App License Key text field
  17. Scroll down to Device Tracker and enable Device Pose Tracking if needed
  18. Nothing should be a child under ReferenceCube. ReferenceCube will be deleted automatically at runtime
  19. With the MergeCubeSDK still selected, under the MergeCubeCore section of the Inspector, there is a Development Key box that will ask for a string key. To get your key from Merge, please email us at with your Company Name, Contact Name and Info, Email, and App Name. We’ll reply with a valid key

To create your AR experience using the Merge Cube, parent all assets you want to show up on the Merge Cube to the MergeMultiTargetScalarRoot in the hierarchy.

Recommended Settings

  • Under Quality settings, we recommend setting Shadows to Disable Shadows, Anti Aliasing to 2x Multi Sampling, and VSync Count to Every V Blank.